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Title: Nel Blu Dipinto di blu
Artist: Domenico Modugno
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Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu - Domenico Modugno

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January Jones photographed by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, August 2014 

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"In the final scene, as Megan watches the news of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, in an ingenious blocking decision, Don sits perpendicular to her on the bed, not looking at her, not looking at the TV, but perpetuating the ongoing detachment between husband and wife. The song that plays in the final seconds of the scene and over the credits, Friend and Lover’s ‘Reach Out of the Darkness,’ may have seemed appropriate for the time period, but the hippie-dippie themes of the tune struck such a discordant note when played against a news broadcast of Bobby Kennedy’s murder."

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Behind the scene: Zoe Saldana for ocean drive magazine

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get to know me meme: [1/8] friendships  jess day & cece parekh
Jess is by far the best person I know, so if you guys let anything happen to her, I’m going to come here and crazy-murder you.

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duality challenge (peaky blinders)

▲ dawn / dusk

"Sometimes, it lasts all night."

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He’s so… He’s so… He’s so rich.

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Cafe de Paris by Ben Walker

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